Melania Trump’s Hometown In Slovenia Cashing In On Her Name

Melania Trump's hometown in Slovenia cashing in on her name

Melania Trump’s hometown in Slovenia cashing in on her name:


The name is everywhere.

And it’s on everything.

It’s a small town.

Sevnica is a town of about 5,00 people.It’s located in Slovenia in eastern Europe. And this is where Melania spent her childhood, a town of about 5,000 people in Slovenia, where Melania Trump spent her childhood.

And now this  small town  is cashing in on her name.

“The town’s only hotel reopened earlier this year. The annual tourist traffic — helped, of course, by Melania-themed tours — has risen by 15 percent, to 20,000 visitors, in the three years since Mrs. Trump’s husband, then a real estate mogul and a star of reality television, became a front-runner for the presidency.

“After Melania, things really changed,” said Sreck Ocvirk,  the town’s mayor. “Now we have tourists from all over the world.”

At Kopitarna, the shoe company that makes the Melania-themed slippers, staff members saluted Mrs. Trump for putting Slovenia on the map. “Many other people,” said Marija Balinc, an export manager, “thought we were called Slovakia.”

Melania Trump left Sevnica about 30 years ago, first to study in Ljubljana in the late 1980s, and then a few years later to work in the United States.

For some of the town’s younger generation, born after Mrs. Trump left, the association is still exciting.

“I don’t know her as a person, I am just very proud that she’s from my town,” said Maja Kozole Popadic, a cafe owner who sells a Melania-themed apple pie. “For someone from this small town to become first lady of the United States is such a big thing for us.”

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