Milder Canadian Winter Ahead

Milder Canadian winter ahead

Milder Canadian winter ahead as the country transitions from a warm and pleasant fall.

That’s the forecast from Environment Canada.

Dave Phillips is the senior climatologist for the agency.

He expects our winter to be milder than normal.


Because of El Nino.

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center says there is a 70 per cent chance of another El Nino occurring this winter.

El Nino is part of Earth’s natural process.

It is characterized by a warming in the Pacific Ocean.

This has repercussions across the globe.

This includes warmer temperatures and higher precipitation in some areas.

And higher precipitation includes snow.

So in the winter  of 2007-2008 Toronto recorded one of the snowiest winters ever.

And that was because of El Nino.

But that year El Nino was in the strong category.

For this coming winter it is in the weak category, says Phillips.

And that means it won’t repeat the winter punch we’ve had in previous years.

Milder Canadian Winter Ahead

But Phillips says despite calls for a “classic” Canadian winter wonderland, he doesn’t see 2018 looking like the white seasons of memory.

“Our winters aren’t what they used to be. Oldtimers are right, winters really have changed,” he says.

And weather data reflects the trend.

This year will be colder than the last, but that’s not hard to do, says Phillips.

“This one we don’t think will be brutal. It may be a little cooler than last winter, but last winter we had the seventh warmest in 70 years,” he says.

The winter forecast is consistent with what was in store for us in the fall.

It was great.

But Phillips in his prediction differs considerably with the forecast by the Farmers Almanac.

In fact, the two are diametrically opposed.

The almanac predicts a harsh cold winter.

It says winter will be:

“One Part Snowy, One Part Warm & Dry, and One Part Wild.”

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