Millions Eat Less Meat In Canada

Millions Eat Less Meat In Canada

Millions eat less meat in Canada and it is part of a world trend.

The number of Canadians in the less or none meat category totals 6.4 million.

And the reasons vary as to the why.

People are concerned about how sustainable the livestock industry is.

There are health concerns about eating meat.

Also people are concerned about animal welfare.

But eating less meat is not unique to Canada.

In Great Britain one-third of the populations has stopped eating meat or reduced its consumption.

And the same applies to a lot of other countries.

Sweden, Australia, Germany, are some of the countries where people are eating less meat.

One country bucking the trend is the United States.

Americans are biggest meat consumers in the world.

Millions Eat Less Meat In Canada

The Canadian study on meat consumption was done by two university professors.

It involved an on-line survey of more than 1,000 Canadians.

They are,  Professor Sylvain Charlebois,  Arrell Chair in the Business of Food,  University of Guelph.

And Janet Music, faculty of management, Dalhousie University.

“More and more Canadians are considering reducing the amount of protein from meat in their diets,” says Charlebois.

“Canada’s new food guide will be released in the months to come, and advances in technology have given consumers more protein choices.

“We wanted to learn more about what Canadians think about eating meat and plant-based alternatives, and how willing they are to reduce their meat consumption and consider new types of proteins.”

Millions Eat Less Meat In Canada

The Canadian study discovered that despite Canadians eating less meat they considered it to be part of a healthy diet.

And the attitudes towards eating meat vary from province to province.

In Ontario people are the most likely to be eating less meat.

And in Atlantic Canada they are the least likely.

Also men and women differ in their attitudes about eating meat.

Older men consider eating meat one of life’s great pleasures.

Women were inclined to eat less meat.

And they were more concerned about animal welfare than men.

Also younger and more educated Canadians had different attitudes about eating meat.

Sixty-three per cent of younger Canadians – under 36 – follow a vegan diet.

A vegan diet is free from all animal-based products.

This group also was more receptive to the idea of lab-grown meat.

Find out more why Canadians are eating less meat.

Eating less meat is good for the environment.

Meat production takes a lot of energy and pollutes the environment.

And Canadian companies are realizing that people are eating less meat.

And they are giving customers meatless dishes.

One Canadian fast-food company A&W was so successful with a meatless burger that it sold out quickly.

And another one, Canada’s biggest meat processor bought a non-meat food company. 

And, here is an irony, despite the high cost on the environment of meat production, people are wasting food totalling trillion of dollars.

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