Mounting Woes Face National Rifle Association

Mounting Woes Face National Rifle Association

Mounting woes face National Rifle Association at the financial level.

The all-powerful and fierce major gun lobby in the United States is experiencing serious problems.

In fact, it has reached the stage where NRA has been reduced to doing away with free coffee and water cooler at its head office.

Membership revenue declined by $35 (U.S.) million last year.

And for the second time in two years it increased its annual fees.

They went up to $45 (U.S.)  from $40 (U.S.).

The move comes about as the NRA is facing the banning of an insurance product it is selling.

It’s called Cary Guard.

It is designed to protect NRA members against legal fees if they fire a gun in self-defense.

But Andrew Cuomo the governor of New York is making moves to ban its sale in the state and throughout the United States.

And that caused the NRA to launch a lawsuit against the state of New York.

Mounting Woes Face National Rifle Association

And it claims it losing millions of dollars in revenue because of it.

Those two factors – the lawsuit and declining membership is causing major problems for the NRA.

So far the group has been instrumental single-handedly in ensuring that pro-gun laws are in effect all over the United States.

And politicians are afraid to do anything that would enrage the NRA leadership.

That is the major reason why the majority of American politicians do not support or endorse ani-gun legislation.

But things are changing.

During the recent mid-term election a number of Democrats got elected on questioning the gun ownership issue.

Mind you it wasn’t part of anyone’s major political platform.

But it was there in a subtle way.

And many Americans who voted were not big proponents of the often rabid pro-gun crowd.

They were mainly city folks, instead of rural, who are mainly middle-aged white Republicans.

“Perhaps the most vivid evidence of belt-tightening at the NRA was its drastically reduced spending on the 2018 midterm elections.

Mounting Woes Face National Rifle Association

“The group shelled out just under $10 million (U.S.) on House and Senate candidates this cycle—less than half of what it spent on congressional races in 2014 and 2016, says Mother jones.

Mother Jones is a Liberal American magazine.

“The roughly 22 percent drop in membership revenue—from $163 million in 2016 to $128 million last year—is striking given that the NRA increased its membership dues in March 2016 for the first time in decades (and then raised them a second time last summer),” says Mother Jones.

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