The Breakthrough – Amazing New And Unique Ways How Homes Are Being Sold And Bought

How homes are being sold and bought:The real estate industry is old and archaic.Nothing has changed how homes are being bought and sold.

How homes are being sold and bought:

The real estate industry is old and archaic.

Nothing has changed how homes are being bought and sold.

Steady as she goes is the industry’s motto.

And why not? If you are successful agentĀ  you can make a lot of money without relatively little work and effort.

This is true especially in a hot market.

But the world is changing and the real estate industry has not really kept up with it.

But as often happens in staid old industry’s someone comes along and disrupts it.

It disrupts it because it sees there are problems in a specific sector and they want to address those by offering something.

And most important solve the problem or problems.

And if they do that they are successful.

And now four new approaches to dealing with real estate issues and problems are emerging.

They are still in their infancy but they will get traction.

And while all of this is happening in the U.S. – one thing is certain these trends will come to Canada.

The first one deals with the problems of allĀ  cash offers in a hot housing market.

Buyers – those without all the cash available – lose out to those who can pay cash.

But this company will buy your dream home for you with all cash and wait until you get you get the cash needed to close

the deal.

Another problem facing homeowners is when they sell they should really do some renovations to get the maximum price.

As a rule renovating a home increases its value way beyond the cost of the renovations.

But there is a solution for those homeowners who do not want to renovate.

Another service will guarantee a competitive price and promises to sell it within six weeks.

This is another example of how the market place for real estate is changing.

Another company is making it easier for seniors to continue to live in their homes.

Here’s how it works.

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