New Study – Vitamin Supplements Offer No Real Benefits – What You Need To Know

Vitamin supplements offer no real benefits, but most of us take them.We're told they are good for you.Will make you live longer.

Vitamin supplements offer no real benefits, but most of us take them.

We’re told they are good for you.

Will make you live longer.

Prevent all sorts of diseases.

And that is totally re-inforced by slick advertising campaigns.

So people take them in droves.

Just consider all the speciality health stores out there.

In 2013 vitamin supplements and over the counter medications totalled $1.35 billion and by 2016, the latest figures available, the amount had risen to $1.52 billion.

In 2015, 45.6 per cent of Canadians aged one year and older (approximately 15.7 million people) used at least one nutritional supplement.

And the older you get the more likely you are to use these supplements.

Women in the age group 51 to 70 years  – 65.1 per cent used them.

For men the percentage  was lower –  45.2 per cent used them.

For some reason or another people believe in the pills the vitamin industry is peddling to consumers.

Journalist journalist Catherine Price has written a book, Vitamania: Our Obsessive Quest For Nutritional Perfection says our gap in knowledge on the whole subject of vitamins and supplements has allowed an expensive and potentially dangerous delusion to take hold.

Another serious problem is that often conflicting news reports are published.

One will say supplements are good for.

And another one will say they are bad.

It’s similar to coffee with studies saying it’s good for you, while other say it isn’t.

So the public is confused.

Who to believe?

The key, especially in these days of fake news, is consider the source of where the information is coming from.

Is it credible and trustworthy.

And  here is one report that is credible and trustworthy, suggesting vitamin supplements offer no real benefits.


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