One Month No Drinking Unlocks Lasting Benefits

One Month No Drinking Unlocks Lasting Benefits

One month no drinking unlocks lasting benefits in three key areas.

Your sleep will improve, you will have more energy and you will lose weight.

These conclusions are based on a new study from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom.

And not drinking for one month has more benefits that just giving up drinking for a while, the study notes.

“The simple act of taking a month off alcohol helps people drink less in the long-term,” University of Sussex psychologist says Richard de Visser.

He is a psychologist at the university.

The study followed 800 people.

The 800 people participated in the study called Dry January.

And university researchers followed them for a year.

One Month No Drinking Unlocks Lasting Benefits

Study participants reported that if they gave up drinking for one month they drank less even seven months later.

They also reported a host of lasting benefits.

A total of 70 per cent of the study participants said their overall health improved.

71 per cent slept better.

67 per cent had more energy.

58 per cent lost weight.

54 per cent had better skin.

“Interestingly, these changes in alcohol consumption have also been seen in the participants who didn’t manage to stay alcohol-free for the whole month – although they are a bit smaller.

“This shows that there are real benefits to just trying to complete Dry January,” the study notes.

Alcohol abuse is a major world-wide problem.

In Canada, the economic costs amount to $1,100 for every Canadian or $38 billion.

Study participants also reported a host of other changes.

93% of participants had a sense of achievement;

88% saved money;

82% think more deeply about their relationship with drink;

80% feel more in control of their drinking;

76% learned more about when and why they drink;

71% realised they don’t need a drink to enjoy themselves;

70% had generally improved health;

57% had better concentration;

Want to know more about the Dry January campaign?

The fact that stopping drinking can have immediate benefits is well-known.

But the fact that stopping drinking for one month can have lasting benefits is new.

In fact, the University of Sussex is the first study to state that.

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