Paul McCartney Revealed The Real Story

Paul McCartney Revealed

Paul McCartney revealed the real story is unvarnished.

It is full of revealing information about McCartney the man, the musician.

And it is not one of those namby pamby portraits.

This is the real Paul McCartney.

It appears in GQ magazine.

McCartney is one of the world’s most accomplished musicians – composer and performer.

His influence is world-wide.

And he has received a slew of awards.

In 1997 Queen Elizabeth made him a Knight of the British Empire.

Today he is known as Sir Paul McCartney.

He has been married three times.

He is 76 years old.

By this time most musicians have retired.

Taking it easy and enjoying life.

But not McCartney.

He is as driven as ever.

He still performs all over the world.

Paul McCartney Revealed The Real Story

And in this portrait he tells it all.

He tells it like it is.

This is not one of those gee whiz articles that only talks about how great McCartney is.

Or about his awesome musical talent.

Instead he let’s it all hang out.

And for some his revelations will be shocking,

For others it will be the case of – good for him, not afraid to tell it all.

He talks about the sex life of the Beatles.

Talking John Lennon out of drilling holes in his head.

And what happened when he worked with Kayne.

Here is a portion of what the GQ writer says about McCartney:

“It is not so difficult to get Paul McCartney to talk about the past, and this can be a problem.

“Anyone who has read more than a few interviews with him knows that he has a series of anecdotes, mostly Beatles-related, primed and ready to roll out in situations like these.

“Pretty good stories, some of them, too.

“But my goal is to guide McCartney to some less manicured memories—in part because I hope they’ll be fascinating in themselves, but also because I hope that if I can lure him off the most well-beaten tracks, that might prod him to genuinely think about, and reflect upon, his life.”

And boy does the writer ever achieve that.

Here is the full story.

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