Perilous Journey Of A Migrant

Perilous Journey Of A Migrant

Perilous journey of a migrant is a nightmare.

Migrants are in the news an awful lot these days.

But for most of us they are a mere statistic.

But they are not.

They are humans like the rest of us.

So let us take you into the mindset of one migrant.

Find out about the horror.

The anguish.

The fear.

The perils – facing Andrew (his real name is withheld).

Andrew is a Nigerian migrant.

Follow him step-by-step.

As he starts his treacherous journey from West Africa.

All in the hope of eventually reaching Italy.

And his illegal journey takes him to Europe, across the sub Sahara desert and the Mediterranean, each step fraught with danger and fear.

And Andrew’s journey is universal.

Universal in the sense that the problems, trials, tribulations and dangers, he faces, all migrants have to deal with.

Perilous Journey Of A Migrant

Andrews journey was published in Quartz Africa.

“As desperate migrants are transported across borders through a vast illegal network, their smugglers carry out roll calls at regular intervals during the long convoluted itinerary to confirm every migrants’ journey has been fully paid up.

“While most migrants pay “agents”—the shady middlemen who make all the initial travel arrangements—at the start of their journey to arrange the trip all the way to Europe, these agents do not always pay the smugglers the full amount.

“When migrants duped by agents become stranded along the way, things turn ugly.

“In Andrew’s case, the agent had paid his way to Libya but not all the way to Europe, as previously agreed”.

And that posed a serious problem for Andrew.

The smugglers beat him with a thick rubber hose and his limbs were chained.

And the smugglers beat other duped migrants in front of him.

The message was clear – pay up a ransom fee or you too will be flogged.

The ransom was set at $2,500 (U.S.)

And unless the migrants pay the ransom through friends or family they face a terrible fate.

They are sold off in Libya’s infamous slave markets.

Find out what happened.

Follow Andrew’s perilous journey.

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