Pet Pampering Surges Pets Become Substitute Kids

Pet Pampering Surges

Pet pampering surges as people use pets for substitute children.

And this trend is a world-wide $63 billion (U.S.) a year business.

Sales are on a tear.

In five years they rose 22 per cent, says the market research firm IbisWorld.

A host of new brands and services are transforming the industry.

Today the new servicesĀ  include farm-to-table chow, anti-anxiety assistance and personalized veterinary care.

Others include technology-infused collars, clothing and leashes.

Pets are also getting pampered at spas and hotels.

The Posh Pet Hotel, a luxury resort in West Palm Beach, Florida, is a good example.

Dogs and cats enjoy flat screen TVs, filtered water, classical music and acupuncture.

Similarly, the 14-unit chain Pooch Hotel provides pool time and webcams.

Most of these services are offered by small companies.

Owners are sparing no expense inĀ  lavishing comfort on their four-legged friends.

And upscale pet hotels take great care of them.

Pampered pooches enjoy massages, doggie treadmills and a spa.

The offerings arrive as millennials are overtaking baby boomers as the largest generation of pet owners.

The millennnials are reshaping the industry according to their demanding expectations.

Millennials now make up 38 per cent of the pet-owning population, compared with boomers at 35 per cent.

This is according to the American Pet Products Association, based in Stamford, Connecticut.

“The humanization of pets is driving the demand for premium and natural pet food,” says Euromonitor, one of the world’s leading providers of strategic market research.

Owners are also eager for their pets to have premium dietary supplements with niche ingredients such as deer and Chinese herbs.

There are dog bakeries offering home-made snacks and treats.

The focus on pet health has seen alternative therapies becoming more popular.

Today pets can enjoy acupuncture, massage and yoga.

But some pet companies are getting fussy who they will allow to spend the day with them.

In New York it has become a trial of sorts.

Japan is a veritable pets paradise.

There is a large selection of clothes, accessories and even perfume for spoiled pooches.

Canine couture ranges from frilly frocks to designer jeans, sunglasses to shoes and doggie buggies.
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