Plastic Straws Bags Ban Impact Lacking

Plastic Straws Bags Ban Impact Lacking

Plastic straws bags ban impact lacking in controlling the plastic scourge.

The plastic scourge is a major problem,

And the facts are startling.

The German Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research found that 90 percent of plastic polluting the world’s oceans comes from 10 rivers.

Of these eight are in Asia.

Two are in Africa.

And here are some startling facts as the National Review reports.

Plastic bans can have unintended consequences.

They are increasing energy use and water pollution.

They heighten public-health risks.

The overall use of plastic increases.

It harms the disabled and the poor.

A recent Danish Environmental Protection Agency study found that an organic cotton bag uses more than 150 times as much energy.

And it causes over 600 times as much water pollution.

This is the case when compared with low-density polyethylene (LDPE) grocery-store bags.

A University of Arizona study found that 97 per cent of users of reusable grocery bags never wash or bleach them.

The research found bacteria levels in bags “significant enough to cause a wide range of serious health problems and even lead to death.”

Plastic Straws Bags Ban Impact Lacking

Paper bags have their own drawbacks.

A Scottish report concluded that paper bags, compared with plastic bags, resulted in “higher environmental impact” when it comes to “consumption of water, emissions of greenhouse gases, and eutrophication of water bodies (rivers, lakes, etc.).”

So government’s banning plastic straws not enough.

It’s taken a long time.

But finally politicians are listening to environmentalists and scientists who have been saying it for years – plastic is a an environmental scourge that is choking our oceans, filling our landfills, littering our highways and byways.

And despite some new initiatives and policies to contain the use of plastic the road to containing it is a long and hard one.

The reason?

The amount of plastic that is not recycled is mind blowing.

Canada is making efforts to control the plastic scourge.

Find out what they are.

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