Pope Summons Bishops To Rome Conclave

Pope Summons Bishops To Rome Conclave

Pope summons bishops to Rome conclave as a world-wide sexual abuse problem shakes the church’s foundation.

The papal decision comes as more and more sexual abuse problems by priests and bishops become public.

The latest one is sexual abuse in Germany.

In a leaked report, commissioned by the German Catholic Church, it says thousands of children were involved over several decades.

The pope’s decision is extraordinary.

It is the first time that presidents of bishops’ conferences have been summoned from all over the world to meet on a specific topic.

The meeting will take place in February.

Pope Summons Bishops To Rome Conclave

The topic being sexual abuse.

More than 100 bishops will attend the Rome conclave.

“After three decades of denial, the Vatican is being forced to treat the sex abuse problem as a global crisis, and not the failing of a particular country or culture,” says the New York Times.

As well the church is facing another serious issue – various law enforcement officials are investigating sexual abuse claims.

Until now that was rare.

But earlier in August a major investigation in Pennsylvania blew the sexual abuse issue wide open.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro informed the pope before the report became public.

In a personal letter to the Pope he says the “comprehensive investigation” by his office
found “widespread sexual abuse of children and a systemic coverup by leaders of the Catholic Church.”

The Pope never responded.

The sexual abuse issue is a rapidly escalating crisis.

It has spread across several continents, from Australia to Latin America.

Pedophilia has been a problem plaguing the church for centuries.

In late August a power struggled enveloped the Vatican.

The pope was accused of a cover-up over the sexual abuse issue.

And as the crisis spread, the pope had to act.

Read the full story on why the Pope was forced to act.

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