Popeye 90 Years Of Spinach

Popeye 90 Years Of Spinach

Popeye 90 years of spinach do the salty sailor well.

But now he is getting a reboot on YouTube.

And that is after a 10 year absence.

Who knows where he was.

What he did.

But the good news is Popeye is a new and revitalized Popeye.

He has re-invented himself.

The New York Times says this about Popeye.

“The shorts and a new series of comic strips, which will begin in 2019, were created to celebrate the character’s 90th birthday next year.

“In the animated series, Popeye is being recast as a more youthful, environmentally resourceful fellow, who lives in a washed-ashore houseboat, collects rainwater and grows his own spinach.

“Are skinny jeans and kale salads far behind?”

But Popeye is not the only character changing.

So are some of the other characters.

“A clean-shaven Bluto, for example, is interested in stealing Popeye’s spinach more than he is the heart of Olive Oyl, who has cast aside the role of damsel in distress.

“More independent woman now, she helps vanquish Bluto in the first episode.”

Popeye 90 Years Of Spinach

And it’s all part and parcel of attracting a younger audience.

His new YouTube series is called – Popeye’s Island Adventures.

They will appear next year – the year of Popeye’s 90th. anniversary.

But the demand for old Popeye cartoons still is super strong.

Those old Popeye cartoons generated more than 3.2 million minutes of video viewing in May alone.

And that took place on YouTube and other social platforms.

As well Popeye has 9.8 million followers on Facebook.

So no wonder that Popeye is bypassing TV for his new adventurers.

Popeye the Sailor was created by cartoonist E.C. Segar in 1929 as a comic strip.

Since then he’s become an iconic character.

“Popeye is a truly iconic character with fans that span generations. We are looking forward to expanding Popeye’s presence on YouTube,” says C.J. Kettler, president, King Features.

King Features are the owners of the Popeye franchise.

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