Powerful Publishers Don’t Give A Damn

Powerful Publishers

The most powerful publishers in the world don’t give a damn.

And we are talking about Twitter, Facebook, Google and a host of other social media sites.

All they care about is the almighty dollar.

And the profits they will make because of each and every one of us.

And because of that they allow fake news, racist news,  and misinformation, to appear on their platforms.

But what they are forgetting is this – each and every one of us creates the content they allow on their platforms.

All of us are like employees – working for them and we don’t even get paid for our efforts.

And we don’t even get protected from the garbage they allow.

Consider this.

If you are a journalist you would be fired if you lied.

But the publishers of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey of Twitter constantly allow lying on their sites and nothing happens to them.

So it’s evident.

The social media sites don’t care about their customers.

So the truth of the matter is this – none of these social media sites have clear-cut policies of what is allowed and what is not.

The case of an infamous and total nutbar- the conspiracist and racist Alex Jones – is a case in point.

His podcasts were suspended on Apple.

And as soon as Apple did that Mark Zuckerberg followed suit – yanking Jones off its platform..

But a week earlier Zuckerberg refused to remove Jones.

But despite that Jack Dorsey of Twitter is defending his decision to allow Jones to spread his garbage on the Twitter platform.

So it’s clear.

Furthermore the hypocrisy by Twitter and Facebook is disgusting.

They could put a stop to all the lies, garbage and junk they allow on their sites.

The reason?

One major social media site is doing it.

Google is building a censored search engine in China,

So when all is said and done –  powerful publishers don’t give a damn.

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