Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Transformation

Justin Trudeau's transformation

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is undergoing a transformation .

The sunny ways approach is over.

Now its down to hard brass tacks with an election happening next year.

Trudeau got elected in 2015 on a wave of optimism by voters.

They wanted a prime minister full of hope, optimism and new ideas.

The old workmanlike stodgy approach of Stephen Harper was wearing thin.

His Father Knows Best attitude towards Canadians was grating and insulting.

Trudeau’s approach of creating a new Canada with sunny ways struck a chord with Canadians.

Trudeau was seen as the new political Messiah.

He gave hope to Canadians that Canada would once again be a factor on the international stage.

A Canada that would embrace all the challenges and tribulation of the 21st. century.

After all Canada with its sunny ways would carry the day.

But then gradually reality set in.

The Prime Minister’s sunny ways did not always manage to overcome the difficulties facing the country.

And often the government’s policies did not confront or were able to deal with the challenges facing Canada.

The electorate became disenchanted with Trudeau’s sunny ways.

Trudeau’s approval ratings plummeted.

And like any politician Prime Minister Trudeau is trying to stage a comeback.

His earlier almost naive attitude toward Donald Trump that his charm and sociability would win over Trump failed.

It failed miserably.

And when Trudeau finally realized his mistake he stood up to Trump over his dictatorial and  intransigent demands during the North American Free  Agreement negotiations.

And Canadians loved it.

His approval ratings went up and Canadians  sent  him a clear signal – they felt he was better than either the NDP or Progressive Conservative leaders to bring about a NAFTA deal.

Trudeau also has taken a much tougher approach over the immigration issue.

The Conservatives have been hammering Trudeau saying he is too soft on immigration.

Want a closer look at the Trudeau transformation?

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