Princess Diana’s Legacy Lives On Through Her Son Harry

Princess Diana's Legacy Lives On:Princess Diana is an icon and will always be one.She still captures people's imagination all over the world

Princess Diana’s Legacy Lives On:

Princess Diana is an icon and will always be one.

She still captures people’s imagination all over the world.

Her unfortunate and sudden death left the world in shock.

And today 20 years after her death she is still remembered.

She is remembered for all the great and unselfish things she did when others did nothing.

The AIDS crisis when it became a scourge comes to mind.

In the late 80s she would visit AIDS patient’s as they were dying in hospital beds and shake their hands without gloves.

That was unheard of – especially from someone of her stature.

And this at a time when having AIDS meant you were shunned, attacked, considered a pariah of society.

But that did not deter Diana from showing compassion, understanding and showing her love and caring to those poor unfortunate souls.

Her work among the disabled and the poor was legendary.

And her work with the victims of landmines in Angola caught the world’s attention and further endeared her to her fans.

And she did all of that despite having an unfortunate childhood, having endless affairs showing how unhappy she was.

She could have wallowed in her pain and grief.

But no, she rose above it.

Rose above in a gracious and caring manner.

And that is why people all over the world loved her and still do today.

Today her legacy is alive and well – largely in part to her son Harry, who is following in her footsteps.

And Harry, who is getting married, learned an awful lot from his mother.

Compassion, the stigma of AIDS and that caring for others is a priviledge.

And that approach towards life has even carried into Harry’s wedding plans. Princess Diana’s legacy lives on.

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