Rating Dogs Matt Nelson $100,000 Plus

Rating Dogs Matt Nelson

Rating dogs Matt Nelson $100,000 plus.

He does through a Twitter account – WeRateDogs.

It rates your dog on a 10-out-of-10-scale.

But make sure there are no hurt feelings each dogs gets a score higher than 10.

The idea started at university.

Although when he first started rating dogs he had no intention of turning it into a money-maker.

Matt and a few of his friends were hanging out after a golf tournament.

The date was November 15, 2015.

Matt had always been intrigued with Twitter and some of the weird things people were posting on it.

For weeks he had been looking at pictures of dogs and would rate them on a 10-point scale.

“I saw other people doing extraordinary things in 140 characters — making me laugh and making me feel things in that limited character space. I got addicted to that challenge as well,” the 21-year-old Nelson says. “I realized dogs were a very hot topic on the internet. If I wanted my writing to reach more people, I wanted to utilize dogs.”

And he took it a step further.

He created a Twitter account with the handle @dog_rates.

And while hanging out with his friends, he snapped a picture of a friend’s dog,  gave it an eight out of 10 rating and posted it.

By the next morning, the account had 3,500 followers.

And his Twitter message box was filled with people asking him to rate their dogs.

Nelson’s direct messages were soon overflowing with people begging him to rate their dogs.

Eventually Nelson had to make a choice.

Stay in university or try to make money off the WeRateDogs website.

He chose to the make money option.

Today the WeRateDogs Twitter account has more than three million followers.

And rating dogs is a tidy business now, it’s all about –  Rating Dogs Matt Nelson.

Find out how he does it.

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