RCMP In Crisis – Facing $1.1 Billion Lawsuit Going Back Decades, Thousands Of Staff

RCMP In crisis:Canada's national police force - the RCMP - has a clever motto.Maintiens Le Droit.The RCMP is defending itself in a $1.1 billion lawsuit.

RCMP in crisis:

Canada’s national police force – the RCMP – has a clever motto.

Maintiens Le Droit or Defending the Law.

And while that is the motto, for those often seen as heroes in their snazzy red uniforms, the force in red is having that motto turned against it.

RCMP in crisis, now forced to defend itself in a $1.1 billion lawsuit.

The allegations in the lawsuit go back decades.

The lawsuit is brought by two male RCMP officers but has the potential to become a class action suit.

And that would involve thousands and thousands of male and female RCMP officers, civilian staff and volunteers.

Two veteran RCMP officers filed the lawsuit claiming there was a policy in place of systematic bullying, intimidation and harassment

In an exclusive interview with the CBC,  Staff Sgt. Geoffrey Greenwood recalled the fallout he says he endured after reporting allegations of bribery and corruption against fellow drug officers in 2008.

“It rocked me to my core,” said Greenwood, who is now with the RCMP detachment in Red Deer, Alta.

“I was kind of demonized and I was the one that was left to be the problem, and really all I did was my job.”

This lawsuit is the largest filed against the RCMP ever.

And it is not the first one. In 2016 the force settled for $100 million involving more than 3,100 female officers.

The problems at the RCMP are deep-rooted to the point where a former commissioner acknowledged that a  climate of bullying, harassment, fear and intimidation existed at the force.

And the Trudeau government aware  there was a problem appointed a female to head the force.

Brenda Lucki was given a clear-cut mandate by the government to achieve specific results.

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