Record Heat Waves Devastating World Tourism

Record Heat Waves

Record heat waves devastating and disrupting the world’s tourism industry.

It’s all due to unprecedented wildfires and heat waves.

In British Columbia the impact is dramatic.

“We’re experiencing either guests postponing their vacations, shortening their vacations, or looking elsewhere”

So says Walt Judas, CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of B.C.

The wildfires also are affecting tourism in Vancouver.

Saschie MacLean, Tourism Vancouver spokesperson, says the smoke is taking its toll on local businesses.

This is happening even though the closest large wildfire is more than 130 kilometres away.

MacLean says visitors are not visiting popular view-destinations like Grouse Mountain.

Here is the full story.

One of the world’s top tourist spots is hard hit in California.

It’s the Yosemite park region.

“This is normally our peak visitation,” says Woody Smeck, superintendent of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park.

“We’re working actively and quickly to get services open.”

The park loses thousands of dollars a day in entrance fees, officials say.

But the bigger toll is on the surrounding communities.

The Yosemite Mariposa County Tourism Bureau has not estimated the total economic loss for local businesses.

But Executive Director Jonathan Farrington estimates hotel cancellations in Mariposa County total  more than $300,000 a day.

And despite the gloom and doom some business owners feel things will get better.

But the ugly truth is that Yosemite tourism is being ravaged by the wildfires.

And North American tourism is not the only area feeling the pain.

Record heat waves is devastating in Greece, Spain and other countries.

In Spain it is especially bad.

And the  heat wave is expected to change how people take holidays.

The European tourism believes people will switch from summer holidays to fall holidays.

Tourism is not the only sector affected by wildfires and heat waves.

Cities all over the world are facing serious problems.

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