Reg and Kisch Neufeld, again – sharing with us their trip of a lifetime

Reg and Kisch Neufeld - sharing with us their trip of a lifetime

Meet Reg and Kisch Neufeld, again.

Kisch and Reg were one of the first guests on our podcast, Cool Conversations.

They are back.

This time sharing with us their trip of a lifetime.

Exploring the highways and byways for one year plus in a motorhome.

Married in their teens. 48 years later still together. Meet Reg and Kisch Neufeld now criss-crossing Canada in a motor coach. Why? And what makes them tick?

Early this year they gave away most of their furniture and possessions, bought a motor coach, and headed east. They’ve since traveled across Canada and are now in the eastern US heading south. Their intention is to experience several of the deep south states before moving westward. In mid-December they’ll find a place to temporarily store their rig while they fly back to Vancouver for Christmas and New Years, then in January they’ll fly south again and carry on where they left off.
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