The Takedown – Right Wing Fox TV Host Laura Ingraham Schooled By David Hogg – A first in TV history.

A first in TV history: Right Wing Fox TV Host Laura Ingraham Schooled By David Hogg,
Fox news personality Laura Ingraham loses in a public smack down by Gordon Hogg, an 18-year Parkland high school student who survived the mass shooting.
In usual fashion, Ingraham publicly berated, Hogg who has become one of the public faces, in an attempt to change the pervasive gun culture in the United States.
She called him a whiner after he complained about being rejected by several colleges in his attempt to gain admission.
But, and here comes the good part, instead of arguing with her, he posted a list of her top advertisers on his Twitter account, with more than 700,000 followers.
And he urged them to contact those advertisers and complain about her.
And it worked.
Advertisers pulled the plug on Ingraham’s show.
And then she was the one who started whining.
She issued a lame apology and told Hogg he could come on her show any time.
But he would have none of it saying she needed to apologize to all his fellow students in the way she dealt with the Parkland shooting.
And the advertiser exodus continued.
So the crafty TV bully decided now was the time to leave her show for a holiday.
Time to get out of Dodge when the heat gets too hot.
At last count 24 major advertisers had pulled the plug on her show.
And that meant the show lost more 52 per cent of its ad time.
Ouch, that hurts.
And no doubt she learned a valuable lesson.
Gone are days when you could bully anyone on the airwaves without consequences.
Today’s younger generation knows how to use the media for its own objectives.
They get the job done and you risk their scorn if you mock them.
So who are advertisers who pulled the plug and why?

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