Rooftop Gardens Turning Shopping Green

Rooftop gardens turning shopping green

Rooftop gardens turning shopping green is a new trend.

And it is happening all over the world.

In Melbourne, Australia, it is part of a proposed shopping development.

And in a Tel Aviv shopping mall at the Dizengoff Center.

In Paris the trend is gathering steam with great support from the city government.

It began with a 2016 campaign, Parisculteurs.

But just what is this new trend all about?

The aim is to use rooftops of major buildings in large cities and turn them into shopping areas.

These rooftop gardens – lush with climbing plants, tomatoes, marigolds and strawberries – are part of a plan to transform city farming into deluxe shopping destinations.

And these destinations are meant to experiential – customers savouring an exclusive green shopping experience.

Galeries Lafayette, an upscale French department store in Paris, is leading the charge.

The New York Times says:

“For now, only select customers can experience this haute farm on the Right Bank with weekly reserved tours.

“Eventually, Galeries Lafayette intends to expand to other roof sections to host larger events and fashion shows among leafy, vertical walls of plants with a panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower and the city’s opera house.”

“It’s a new model for consumers,” says Damien Pellé, director of corporate social responsibility for Galeries Lafayette.

Rooftop Gardens Turning Shopping Green

The company started its garden three years ago.

“The grand department stores want to offer an exceptional experience, to give people new discoveries. It’s easy for people to order something to buy from their couch, but they can come here and visit an enchanted garden.”

This latest green rooftop shopping trend is companies are always looking for ways to entice consumer to enjoy themselves when shopping.

And in China they have taken the whole concept of rooftops to a whole new level.

They built a small subdivision on top of a Chinese shopping mall.

The homes looked terrific.

And it certainly was innovative.

But a serious problem developed.

The local Chinese authorities said the homes were built without permission.

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