Sahota Family Decrepit Hotel Owners Score Legal Win

Sahota Family Decrepit Hotel Owners Score Legal Win

Sahota family decrepit hotel owners score legal win in a B.C. court.

This is a setback for tenants seeking compensation from the Sahota family, owners of slum area hotels and rooming houses.

Jack Gates, a former tenant in the Regency Hotel owned by the Sahota family, filed a class action lawsuit against them.

But the The B.C. Court of Appeal denied his class action lawsuit.

The court said it had no jurisdiction allowing a Residential Tenancy Act dispute to proceed as a class action lawsuit.

Sahota Family Decrepit Hotel Owners Score Legal Win

But Gates vowed to continue fighting intending to take his case all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

The Sahota properties are located in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES).

Gates lived in the Regency in 2016.

The hotel was shut down by the city of Vancouver.

The lawsuit was filed two years ago.

The city has filed expropriation papers for the Regent and another Sahota hotel in the area, the Balmoral Hotel.

The Sahota family is one of the biggest landlords in the Downtown Eastside.

The Globe and Mail investigated the real estate holdings of the Sahota family.

“The Sahota family controls nearly 500, or about 16 per cent, of the roughly 3,000 privately held SRO (single room occupancy hotels)units in the city’s stock. A large portion of Vancouver’s poorest residents live cheek-to-jowl in these rooming houses, many of which were built a century ago for single loggers and fishermen – blue-collar workers who adorn either side of the city’s official coat of arms.”

The Sahota family are three reclusive elder siblings.

They “own and operate some of the city’s most derelict housing. Bedbugs and rats are constant concerns. In some rooms, walls are damp to the touch, hinting at leaks behind them.

“But these deplorable conditions are routine – particularly those owned by the Sahota family.

“Some housing advocates say – and are well known to city officials. Last December, citing its continuing efforts to step-up enforcement…the city flagged 426 bylaw violations against the owners of the Regent,” a Sahota hotel.

And despite the deplorable conditions the city of Vancouver turned a blind eye to it all.

But finally after the Globe and Mail investigation Vancouver’s Mayor Gregor Robertson acted.

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