Score Lower Air Fares – Canada’s Airlines Are Competing – Save As Much As 40 Per Cent

Canada's airlines are competing.It happens rarely, but finally Canada's airlines are competing for your business.

It does not happen often. Canada’s airlines are competing.

And it happens rarely, but finally Canada’s airlines are competing for your business.

And who can argue with that because these are not one-time sales but are  everyday regular prices.  And all of this is happening in spite of higher fuel prices.

The main reason?

Competition due to new airlines entering the market.

What a change.

There used to be a time when Canadian airlines always were competing for your dollar.

It began when WestJet became the newest kid on the block.

And for a while both Air Canada and WestJet were engaged in fierce competition.

Bu then gradually it stopped.

Instead of competing on price the two airlines tried to distinguish themselves on their service and the on-board amenities they offered their customers.

But in terms of prices there was no real difference.

But that changed last year and this year with a few new low-cost airlines entering the market.

And now the big two – Air Canada and WestJet are forced to compete.

But the markets where they will compete differs.

And even there is great competition going on now there is one aspect that is important.

The airlines have gotten quite sophisticated in how they market those greatly reduced fares.

They now can offer a great deal for one market and charge you regular prices at another airport.

For example flying out of Edmonton will see you save as much as 40 per cent.

But what about other Canadian cities?

Here are the details.

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