Smart TV Spies All The Time

Smart TV spies on you

Smart TV spies all the time.

And  you are not even aware of it.

Today smart TVs are a common staple in most households.

It happens whether you like it or not.

There is nothing you can do about it.

So what is a smart TV?

It’s a TV that captures all sorts of information about you.

Smart TV Spies On You All The Time

What you are watching?

For how long?

Are you looking at commercials?

Which ones?

It even guesses your age.

And your sex.

It’s based on what you are watching on your smart TV.

While you are watching TV a lot of information is fed into computers.

And these computers develop a profile of you.

This is all new.

Traditionally TV advertisers did not have access to that kind of information.

But now they do.

And here is the big news.

At least 70 per cent of all televisions sold this year will be of the Smart TV variety.

Already companies know a lot about through supermarket loyalty card records, mobile phone location data, and  personality profiles.

But now  can they get data about your TV too.

The reason?

Many TV smart sets and the apps installed on them can track the shows you watch and the video games you play.

“By virtue of our application that exists in millions of households, we have a really good amount of data on what people watch,” says Ashwin Navin.

He is the chief executive officer of Samba TV.

It is a  San Francisco startup that makes apps for many popular smart TV brands.

Get the inside track how smart TV’s are spying on you.

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