Smoking Pot Is Legal What You Need To Know

Smoking Pot Is Legal What You Need To Know

Smoking pot is legal what you need to know is important.

So tomorrow you can smoke legally, but the rules differ, depending on where you live.

And what about crossing into the United?

What are the rules and regulations governing that?

We have all the things you need to know and the answers.

And we have a great interactive guide for you.

It will help you navigate the different rules and regulations in Canada.

And there is more.

Smoking Pot Is Legal What You Need To Know

Here is a detailed primer.

It will answer a lot of specific questions such as can you now smoke in your apartment or what about outside a school?

Check it out.

And then there is the big issue of crossing the U.S. border.

What rules and regulations will the Americans have in place?

And already they have changed in a major way.

Recently a Canadian working in the pot industry was barred from entering the United States.

And here are some common questions answered about crossing into the U.S. if you smoke pot.

Canada will become the second country in the world to legalize cannabis, after Uruguay — a country with less than one-10th its population.

And the New York Times puts Canada’s newest business in great perspective.

And here is an interesting tidbit – Canada is the largest pot market in the world

But rest assured in the early stages of legalized pot in Canada it will be chaos.

And finally consider this  – it will provide you with a good laugh.

Our duly elected politicians and Ottawa bureaucrats are all over the place on pot.

The rules and regulations are haywire.

They are haywire to the point where two people doing the same job will have different rules when it comes to pot.

Is it too far to say – things have gone to pot in Ottawa?


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