Special Counsel Robert Mueller Revealed

Special Counsel Robert Mueller Revealed

Special counsel Robert Mueller revealed through a series of in-depth profiles.

But who is he?

How does he work?

What is he like?

Why does Donald Trump hate him with a passion?

A number of stories about Mueller reveal a lot.

Even though he is totally mum about his work as a special counsel.

The Mueller team of top-notch lawyers and investigator is probing Russia’s meddling in the 2016 U.S. election.

But make no mistake about it, that probing of shady deals, nefarious connections, political payoffs, and money laundering, all affects Trump.

And he knows it

That’s why Trump is so worried.

The Mueller report will be devastating for Trump.

He has huffed and puffed against Mueller with nasty vicious personal tweets.

And Trump’s fury has hit new heights.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller Revealed

But Mueller has kept his cool.

Silence is golden.

So who is Robert Muller?

Here is what GQ magazine reports about him.

“Rather than punch back, Mueller has maintained his silence.

“Those who know him are not surprised.

“Robert Swan Mueller III, now 74 years old, has long been revered by elders of both political parties.

“He is a throwback to an earlier regime, when, the story goes, Ivy League patricians entered government for the sake of service, not self-enrichment.

“Mueller’s differences with Trump are expressed in part by their respective styles: barrel cuffs (Mueller) versus French cuffs (Trump), Brooks versus Brioni, lace-ups versus loafers, button-down collars versus spread collars, muted foulard belt-length ties versus shiny red scotch-taped descenders.

“One man is aiming for quiet adherence to established norms. The other is trying to stun his prey.”

Special Counsel Robert Mueller Revealed

John Miller is a deputy commissioner of the New York Police Department.

He once reported to Mueller as an assistant director when Mueller was the FBI director.

One day Miller shows up at work wearing a pink shirt, French cuffs and a gold watch.

Muller’s response to Miller:

“John, John, John,” he said. “What are you supposed to be?”

“Sir, you told me that we dress like lawyers here.”

“Yes. But not like drug lawyers.”

“Covert and careful, Mueller is still moving with stealth in Washington DC, 50 years after he was shot and wounded in Vietnam as a first lieutenant in the US Marines.

“Like Donald Trump, Robert Mueller, was born into money and east coast privilege, the son of an executive at the DuPont industrial conglomerate, educated at an all-male school where he excelled at sports, ranging from lacrosse to soccer.

“But their paths really diverged in the Vietnam era.

“Trump, 22 months younger than Mueller, got a medical disqualification from service due to “bone spurs” in his foot and went on to a life dedicated to private gain.

“Mueller began a life of public service. He graduated from Princeton in 1966 and signed up for the US Marines.”

No wonder that Mueller is known as the straightest arrow in Washington.

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