Stephen Harper – Trying To Make A Comeback On The World Stage As A Philosopher King

Stephen Harper - trying to make a comeback: Politics is all about seizing opportunities. And no one knows that better than Stephen Harper.

Stephen Harper – trying to make a comeback:

Politics is all about seizing opportunities.

Or to use the Latin phrase – Carpe diem – seize the day.

And no one knows that better than former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

He is ready to play philosopher King upon the world’s political stage.

And his timing is perfect.

And he is off to a good start.

Politically the world is changing and right-wing political leaders are the flavour of the day.

Newly elected government’s in Austria, Hungary and Italy prove that point.

And,  of course, there is the United States which moved into the right-wing political arena with the election of Donald Trump.

Time for Stephen Harper – the crafty master strategist to see if he can make his mark in the right-wing circles of the new political age.

It’s the dawning of a new age and Harper sees himself as playing a major role in it.

And when you consider that he failed in his attempts as Prime Minister to re-make Canada as a bastion of Conservatism one can see why he now is eager to pan for political gold on the world stage.

And like the crafty old fox he always was he went about in a cold calculating way.

Earlier this week he gave a speech in London, England, extolling the virtues of Trump’s vision of that new order.

An order that would survive his presidency and go beyond his term

So the stage was set and his remarks were certain to catch the attention of top White House officials who are like eager beavers scouring to find anything positive that key political figures will say about the Donald.

So guess what – it was leaked that Harper would visit the White House.

And being granted an audience with two key major players, Larry Kudlow the president’s new top economic adviser, and John Bolton, the national security adviser.

Now getting to see those boys is not easy.

But Harper managed it.

And he did it all in a so-called veil of secrecy that conveniently made it on the evening news.

But it was also pointed out that this was not following political protocol because the Trudeau government was not told of the trip when it should have been.

So obviously Harper is once again trying to stick it to Trudeau whom he hates.

And given Harper’s legacy as Prime Minister –  described by one political commentator and journalist Dan Gardner as:

“Record spending increases. Surpluses turned into structural deficits. Bureaucratic bloat. Vote-buying tax policies that make economists pull their hair out. Hyper-centralization of power. Slush funds. Pork-barrel politics. Cronyism and patronage that would make a Liberal blush.”

Is it any wonder:  Stephen Harper – trying to make a comeback, albeit on a different political stage.

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