Stunning Winning Wildlife Photographers

Stunning Winning Wildlife Photographers

Stunning winning wildlife photographers have captured some stunning images.

They are the 2018 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Awards.

The competition is  one of the world’s most esteemed photo contests.

They are truly spectacular insights about the world’s animals.

And they provide us with a window to a world we will never see.

They show the beauty and the perils the world’s animals face.

They run the gamut.

Stunning Winning Wildlife Photographers

From heartbreaking images of exploited animals to glimpses of life underwater.

The competition is organized by the Natural History Museum in London, England.

Marsel van Oosten won Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

The Dutch photographer won for his, The Golden Couple, shot.

The photographer told BBC News he was “shocked and honoured” to receive the award. “I am happy that it is with this particular image because it is an endangered species and one that very few people even know exists and it is important that we realise that there are a lot of species on this planet that are under threat.

“It is not only rhinos, tigers and polar bears; and these kind of species deserve a lot more attention and all the protection they can get.”

The striking photo is of a pair of endangered golden snub-nosed monkeys in central China’s Qin Ling Mountains.

“It is a symbolic reminder of the beauty of nature and how impoverished we are becoming as nature is diminished,” says Roz Kidman Coz, the chair of the judging panel.

“It is an artwork worthy of hanging in any gallery in the world.”

The competition has been in existence for 54 years.

It drew more than 45,000 entries from 95 countries.

All the entries were pared down to 100 finalists and from that list 14 finalists were chosen.

After an exhibit of the winners at the museum until next year the exhibit will be shown throughout the world.

Take a look at these stunning pictures.

Wildlife photo competitions are popular.

There even is one that shows the funny side of animals.

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