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Donald Trump’s Abrasive Self-Righteous Canada File: It’s My Way Or The Highway

Relations between Canada and the United States have undergone a major transformation under Donald Trump.

The once-favoured status that Canada enjoyed under previous presidents is gone.

Today Trump treats Canada like any other nation.

His prevailing attitude now is –  it’s  my way or the highway.

A relationship that once was stable is volatile and uncertain.

And given Trump’s mercurial, volatile and narcissistic personality Canadians never know what is in store for them.

So staying on top of Trump’s treatment of Canada is important.

His decisions affect all of us.

So let Cool Conversations be your guide.

Be on top of Trump’s decisions, pronouncements and constant policy changes on Canada.

But Cool Conversations is more than a guide.

It gives you analysis and insights of what it all means.

When Trump tweets and talks what does it all mean?

Is he being serious?

Is he huffing and bluffing?

Will he stay the course?

Will he change his mind?

Cool Conversations will help and guide you through it all.

Our coverage of Trump and NAFTA provides clear cut analysis.

Helps you understand it all.

It cuts through the clutter of endless news reports that told you what happened but not the WHY.

It helps you understand the why and what it means to you.

Want to stay on top of Donald Trump’s constant abrasive changing policy changes on Canada?

It’s easy?

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