Tax Scammers Make Millions Bilking Canadians

Tax Scammers Make Millions Bilking Canadians

Tax scammers make millions bilking Canadians and so far Canadians have lost $15 million.

That will make it the biggest cyber crime spree in Canadian history.

The RCMP says 4,000 people were bilked out of their money.

None of the money has been recovered.

A total of three cyber crime operations in India were shut down with help from Indian police.

As well a dozen people in Canada were arrested.

The situation was so bad that it forced the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and the RCMP to act publicly.

They both held a public briefing on the situation.

For starters Canadians get a multitude of calls from these fraudsters.

Tax Scammers Make Millions Bilking Canadians

And now Canadians are so distrustful that if CRA staff are trying to reach them they won’t deal with them.

They think it is just another scammer.

The telephone scams go like this:

“This is Frank Sims from the Canada Revenue Agency we just wanted to let you know that you haven’t paid all your taxes that you owe.

“Please call us back at this number so we can discuss payment”.

And the voice is warm and friendly, but authoritative.

A few days go by and you have not called back.

So you get another call.

And it is not as friendly.

It goes something like this.

Tax Scammers Make Millions Bilking Canadians

“This is Frank Sims from the Canada Revenue Agency we noticed you haven’t called us back about the taxes you owe. Please call us so we can discuss payment. If you don’t we have no choice but to turn the matter over to the RCMP for investigation, and eventual prosecution and jail time”.

This time the caller sounds more insistent and speaks in a firmer voice.

After a few  more days you get another call because you haven’t called back

And the third call goes like this.

“You have not called us back and you will be prosecuted by the RCMP for failure to pay the taxes you owe. You will end up in jail. But if you call us back now the RCMP will drop its investigation and the charges”.

But now the voice has that threatening and sinister tone to it – pay up or else.

And these scams work like a charm.

People panic and pay up totalling millions of dollars.

And the dollar amounts keep increasing year after year.

A lot of these scammers work out of India.

The CBC tracked down one of the largest operations in Mumbai.

Here is that video report.

After that report aired the Liberal government confirmed it had launched a major investigation.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says Canadian and Indian authorities were working together to shut the scam operation down.

And now Indian police have raided many of these cybercrime operations.

Aside from trying to deal with tax cybercrime, avoiding paying taxes is another major issue for the CRA.


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