Telephone Companies – A National Disgrace

Telephone companies – a national disgrace:

Timid consumers.
Politicians on the sidelines.
And Canada’s telco companies are loving it.
Year after year they jack up their prices for their services.
And consumers meekly accept them.
And to add insult to injury the companies’ customer service is getting worse by the day.
It is not uncommon to wait up to 45 minutes for a customer service agent to come on the line so you can actually talk to them.
But, in the meantime, the endless recorded apologies are repeated ad nauseum how sorry the company is about keeping you waiting.
Why do Canadians put up with it – higher prices and lousy service?
It boggles the mind.
If any other companies did that there would be an outcry; consumers would demand change and politicians would get an earful.
But somehow the telcos don’t have to deal with that.
The latest by the telcos is yet another price increase for internet services.
Rogers and Bell are raising their rates, while Telus is stopping its discounts for bundling packages.
Rogers will raise prices by $8 a month, with one exception, prices on its lowest plan will rise by $4 a month.
Over at Bell prices will go up by $5 a month for customers in Ontario and only $3 a month in Quebec
And here is the big money maker for Bell in Quebec and Ontario. If you exceed your internet data limit you will be charged $1 going as high as $4 for each extra gigabyte. And if you are on the internet a lot it does not take long to exceed your month plans limit.
And as the information clearly shows in reports from the telcos these extra data charges add up to to hundreds of millions of dollars each year.
Telus is not raising prices but is ending their multiple service discount of $3 a month, a figure that can be higher. So in effect it is raising prices by taking something away.
And here is the kicker. Last year these greedy corporate giants also raised their internet prices.

Prices have been rising year after year.

In 2016 Canadian households spent an average of $594 a year on internet services, a 35.6 per cent increase when compared with 2012.
And the Trudeau government is idly sitting by doing nothing.
And this will continue unless the Big Three get some serious competition.
Five years ago a major U.S. company, Verizon, was poised to enter the Canadian market but then suddenly changed its mind.
Too bad because it would introduced some serious competition and have led to lower prices.
But now all Canadians can look forward to is ever rising prices.

Telephone companies – a national disgrace.

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