Ten Most Popular Vegetarian Recipes

Ten Most Popular Vegetarian Recipes

Ten most popular vegetarian recipes chosen by everyday cooks.

And they come from a popular food site, the Kitchn.

The editors compiled 10 of its most popular vegetarian recipes for 2018.

So don’t let anyone tell you vegetarians are nothing but granola crunchers.

That real men eat meat only.


That’s what that is.

Today plant-based and vegetarian meals and food are hot.

And getting hotter daily.

So back to the The Kitchn.

It is a daily internet food magazine.

It has a monthly readership of 18 million people.

All of is a reflection how consumer tastes are changing.

Today vegetarian and plant-based recipes are gaining more traction with people everywhere.

Ten Most Popular Vegetarian Recipes

And we have more vegetarian recipes for you to choose from.

These have a more European flair to them.

These vegan and vegetarian recipes  are from the Guardian newspaper in London.

And restaurants are catching on.

It is quite  common nowadays to see menu sections devoted to dishes that are plant-based or vegetarian.

And one Canadian fast food chain ran out of its non-meat hamburger last September because it was so popular.

Years ago that was unheard of.

People are also beginning to realize the health benefits of a plant-based diet, especially with doctors recommending it.

And major companies are acting on that.

One of the world’s largest multi-national food companies is getting into the game.

Nestle announced it will start selling a plant-based burger this spring.

The company calls it the Incredible Burger.

And the company says sales of its plant-based food are expected to hit $1 billion (U.S.) within 10 years.

So many companies are developing plant-based foods for consumers.

And the competition for the consumer dollar will be stiff.

In Canada more and more people are eating less meat, especially read meat.

Today vegetables are being elevated to connoisseur and gourmet status.

Food retailers are elevating vegetables much like fine wines, meats and artisan cheeses.

Harrods of London has a vegetable butcher now.

“Our Food Halls offer a sensory experience, a buzz and an air of celebration for the ingredients combined with the grandeur of the environment,” says Alex Dower.

He is Harrods former director of food and restaurants.

So surprise yourself and try some of the plant-based and vegetarian foods.

They are getting tastier by the day.

And here is the kicker the quest to make them tastier, more flavoursome and yummy has just begun.

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