The Amazing Human Qualities And Expressions Of Horses

Animals are a constant source of amazement, and the expressions of horses is  no exception.They surprise us of what they can do.

Animals are a constant source of amazement, and the expressions of horses is  no exception.

They surprise us of what they can do.

And more and more we are beginning to realize that a lot of our beliefs about animals are dead wrong.

It is beginning to dawn on us that a lot of things animals do what we humans do or experience.
They have feelings, they have emotions, they are smart, they are clever.

They can do things humans can do.

And thanks to the advent of science our knowledge of animals is so much better.

And the fact that we are leaning so much about them makes us feel special about them.

And that is why people are developing these close affinities with animals.

And for many people animals are like their children and treat them as such.

Certainly that has been the case with cats and dogs for a long time.

Have no kids – get a dog or a cat and it will become your substitute child.

Just watching TV commercials for dogs and cats confirms that viewpoint.

Take the expressions of horses, for example.

Beautiful animals. Great to ride on. Great to see them race or stride along with their majestic gestures.

Now we’ve learned how to read the body language of horses — from understanding whether the movement of its ears, head, legs and tail mean its relaxed, anxious, angry or alert.

But it turns out horses are capable of pulling faces just like humans, too — which may shed more light on what they’re feeling.

In fact, horses can make 17 facial movements — which is three more than our relatives, the chimpanzees, and just 10 fewer than humans.

Scientists learned all of that by watching 86 horses over a period of time.

Fascinating – want to know more?

Here are the details.

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