The Controversy Over Pandas Resolved – Panda Haters Won’t Like This

Controversy Over Pandas Resolved

Controversy Over Pandas Resolved:

Pandas are cute and cuddly.

And the world loves them.

They have star power in the animal kingdom.

Pandas are so popular and rare that China has a policy of lending them out to zoos all over the world.

But they can only stay at a zoo for a period of time and then they are returned to their home country – China.

But despite all of that there is a debate raging among conservationist.

And it comes down to this and it is hard to believe.

There are panda lovers.

There are panda haters.

The haters don’t believe all the money raised into panda conservation is not worth it.

And these conservationists argue that given the current size of the panda population – fewer than 2,000 – let them die.

But the other side argues – preserving the panda species will help fuel  all conservation efforts.

So what’s up with pandas?

It is hard to argue against pandas.

They are roly-poly, peaceful and people just love them.

And let’s not forget they make tons of money for the zoo that has pandas amongst its midst.

But they cost a fortune.

China charges about $1 million (U.S.)  a year to place a panda in a Western zoo.

And pandas do not thrive in a zoo environment – they prefer a big open natural environment.

And when they don’t have it they do strange things such as biting zoo keepers or other pandas or mating with the wrong body part.

The opposite viewpoint is this – pandas suck at reproducing and require a lot of special care to keep them alive.

But now a new research study on pandas is trying to resolve the issue  of whether we should we keep pandas or let them die.

Controversy over pandas resolved.

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