The Controversy, Uncertainty Surrounding Best Before Food Labelling And The Devastating Impact Making Canadians Among The Biggest Food Wasters In The World

Consumers in Canada are confused about best before food labelling.And that has far reaching ramifications - Canadians are wasting food in record amounts.

Consumers in Canada are confused about best before food labelling.

And that has far reaching ramifications – Canadians are wasting food in record amounts, among the highest in the world.

And the best before designation is just part of the problem.

The food industry seems to be intent on making food labelling as difficult to understand as possible.

Have you ever tried to understand the information that is on the labels?

If you do you are wasting your time.

It is impossible to figure out what it means.

So why is the industry not making efforts to make the information easy to understand – instead of all that gobbly gook that is on the labels?

Part of it is of course to keep you in the dark.

And the best before is a prime example.

Most people assume best before means that if you don’t use the food before or by that date it no longer can be used.


And because of that a lot of people thrown out the food, not realizing that the food is perfectly good to be used.

A recent study concluded that Canadians are among the biggest food wasters in the world.

The National Zero Waste Council says confusing and unnecessary ‘best before’ food labelling is a major cause of food waste in Canada.

“(People) don’t know what they mean,” said Denise Philippe, who helped write the report.

“When they see ‘best before’ they think it means if they eat it afterwards, there’s going to be a health problem. That’s not true.”

And here is the report

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