The End Of An Idea – Our Revolution – The Collapse Of Bernie Sanders

The Collapse of Bernie Sanders:Bernie Sander has always been larger than life.His politics of changing the world, even though it was strictly American

The Collapse of Bernie Sanders:

Bernie Sander has always been larger than life.

His politics of changing the world, even though it was strictly American, had a universal appeal to the rest of the world.

After all he wanted to get rid of everything that was wrong with American politics.

Things such as the excesses of Wall Street, discipline Big Business, force business to pay more of its fair share of taxes, ensure that the Middle Class would once again enjoy prosperity instead of as is currently the case – always be behind the eight ball, beset by high taxes.

And Bernie was rooting for the disadvantaged, the poor and the downtrodden.

He wanted to make a difference for the little guy.

And his policies and his fiery oratory set a large portion of America on fire – especially its younger people.

In Bernie people saw a new Messiah-like politician with a social conscience.

A man who would get rid of the graft, corruption and self-centered interests so prevalent in American politics.

He was determined to bring America back to a kinder, gentler era.

And it resonated with people in the United States and all over the world.

He captured a Zeitgeist of where people wanted a real genuine politician who cared about them.

But his movement did not make it.

He opposed too many vested interests and although his following was large and vocal they did not have the money or the organizational strengths to win the presidential election.

Instead Americans opted for Donald Trump the exact opposite to what Sanders stood for.

And as Trump slowly but surely proceeded to tear the country apart with his anti-liberal policies, disillusioning many Americans about the future of their country, Sanders was seen as a strong contender for the 2020  nominee of the Democratic party.

But the facts are in and Sanders and his ‘Our Revolution’ movement is flailing.

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