The Famous Mediterranean Diet Is Being Challenged It’s Not All It’s Been Cracked Up To Be

Mediterranean diet Is being challenged: It's a continual question. What should we eat? What should we eat to live a long and healthy life?

Mediterranean diet Is being challenged:

It’s a continual question.

What should we eat?

What should we eat to live a long and healthy life?

And while the answers are often confusing and contradictory – one diet received the most attention and acceptance.

It was the now famous Mediterranean diet.

And when it first received its first scientific blessing through a major research study it got instant credibility.

Just about everyone jumped on the Mediterranean way of eating as being the perfect way to stay healthy and live a long and happy life.

And why not.

The ingredients alone sounded healthy, fresh and nutritious.

So why not do as the folks in the Mediterranean do. In the countries of Spain, Italy and Greece.

Eat a lot of nuts, fresh fish and fresh fish – all cooked or sprinkled with Nature’s nirvana product – olive oil.

And by eating this way it would cut the risk of cardovascular disease by one-third.

One well-known food and health critic dubbed the Mediterranean diet:

“It was the best. The best of the best.”

And people flocked to it by the droves.

It was an instant hit for people looking for an instant solution to their bad eating habits.

And that was reinforced by countless books being written on the subject, by countless experts touting it, by countless media reports.

All touting the Mediterranean diet as being the holy grail of diets.

But then as time went by some scientist were beginning to question the validity of the original research study blessing the diet.

But no one paid attention to it.

Until now when a lot of its findings were debunked.

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