Delicious, Variety Galore, Cheap, Super Tasty – The Guide To The Best Asian Food In North America And It’s In Richmond

The best asian food In North America:Asian food is some of the best in the world.The variety is mind-boggling.

The best asian food In North America:

Asian food is some of the best in the world.

The variety is mind-boggling.

There is Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Taiwanese, Burmese.

You name the Asian country and you can be sure they have some delicious food for you.

And the thing that distinguished Asian food from that of Western countries are its bold, robust, memorable, amazing flavours.

And it is more than reasonable.

The reason?

Asian food contains a lot of vegetables.

Often the dishes contain a little protein but lots of veggies and noodles.

And given that Metro Vancouver has become a melting pot of the world you can see why so many cuisines are represented here.

And nowhere is there a greater representation of Asian foods than in Richmond, a suburb a few miles outside of Vancouver.

With a population of more than 218,00 people this coastal city has the highest percentage in the country of immigrants, which stands at 60 per cent.

And with 50 per cent of those people being Chinese, it is the largest city in North America with the largest proportion of Asians.

There are parts in Richmond that could pass as being in Hong Kong or other Asian cities.

Other Asian Canadians are Japanese, Filipino, and southeast Asians.

So it should come as no surprise that the variety of food is so amazing.

And food is available everywhere ranging from little holes in the wall, to fast food outlets, at food stalls, regular restaurants and even some fine dining spots.

And that has caught the attention of the venerable New York Times.

It proclaimed Richmond to have the best Asian food in North America – and it’s a veritable guide of where to eat and what to eat.

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