The Harsh Reality – Donald Trump’s Treatment Of People, Toddlers Is Callous, Disgusting And Savage

Donald Trump's treatment of people is insidious.He is narcissistic.He does not care who he hurts and how he hurts people.He is a consummate liar.

Donald Trump’s treatment of people is insidious.

He is narcissistic.

He does not care who he hurts and how he hurts people.

He is a consummate liar.

He is a psychopath.

He will change his mind and opinion at the drop of the hat.

A few things come to mind.

His policy of separating children and parents when trying to enter the United States is designed to induce terror and fear into people.

And as a result children and toddlers are forced to appear in U.S. courts so that judges can decide what to do with the separated children.

But the results of the policy are laughable and ludicrous as small children and toddlers are led into court so that the judicial process can begin.

Here is the case of a one-year old who cried hysterically while having to appear before a judge.

But Trump’s policy of trying to deter illegal immigration is not working.

And the statistics clearly show that Trump’s policy of trying to prevent illegal immigration is not working.

And almost everything Trump has done and said during his short-lived presidency points to one thing:

Trump’s policies are racist, pro white and anti-racial minorities.

And Donald Trump’s treatment of people, his despicable attitudes and beliefs carry well into his personal life.

For years Trump has refused to pay his personal bills and those of his corporate empire.

It is a well-known fact that Trump would never pay the full amount for monies owed for work done for many of his companies.

Instead, he sued, and wanted business contractors pay as little as one-third of the monies owed.

And he usually won because many of the companies were small business people and could not afford the cost of fighting him in court.

The latest example is Trump’s personal driver.

For 25 years Noel Cintron acted as Trump’s personal driver but never paid him overtime and stiffed him on personal benefits.

So now he finally sued Trump.

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