The Heart-Warming Story Of Dad Leaving His Work To Start A New Job And His Young Daughter Becoming A Major Star

Heart-Warming Story Of Dad Leaving His Work
There are some stories that warm your heart.
They make you feel good.
And you realize how often the world is a great place to live in.
And when it involves a dad and his young daughter it becomes even more so.
So here is the story.
Dad leaves his work.
The reason?
He wants to start a new company.
In the meantime his three year-old daughter loves music.
Loves singing.
So he points a camera at her.
Records her singing.
And he uploads it and sends it to friends and the internet.
And before you know it – the world is realizing what a great singer she is.
She achieves celebrity status.
And dad ties in his new company with his daughter’s amazing talent.

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