The Hot Comeback Of Frozen Food

The hot comeback of frozen food:Once it was in great demand - frozen food.It was promoted everywhere.Endless TV commercials extolling its virtues

The hot comeback of frozen food:

Once it was in great demand – frozen food.

It was promoted everywhere.

Endless TV commercials extolling its virtues – the closest thing to being fresh.

As well it was super convenient and fast, especially with the rise of microwaves.

Another extolled virtue was that unlike fresh foods it never got stale, never went bad on you.

And besides the flash frozen foods kept all their flavours and textures.

And people loved it. Frozen was in, fresh was out.

And then another frozen food phenomenon took place – frozen meals. All you had to do was heat them and presto, dinner was ready.

Once again, it was all so fast, so nutritious, portions nicely there for you.

And of course, who can forget those frozen TV dinners, a hit in the 1950s. People loved TV dinners while watching their favourite TV shows.

But things did change, surely but gradually began to realize that those frozen vegetables and fruits were losing their culinary sparkle. People learned that foods when frozen lost a fair bit of their nutritional value. And they turned from frozen to fresh.

Fresh was the new food Messiah. People longed for it and nothing but fresh was the new mantra. Companies seized upon emphasizing all the fresh food they had to offer. Farmers’ markets were an expression of the fresh movement.

And as so often happens in history, even food is not excluded, the old becomes the new.

So guess what?

Of course, the hot comeback of frozen food.

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