The Humboldt Tragedy – Touching Our Hearts, Searing Our Souls

The Humboldt Tragedy – touching our hearts:

There are times.

There are events.

They are world-wide.

They define us as humans.

They touch our souls.

And collectively we mourn, we relate and we act.

The horrific bus crash in Saskatchewan – mainly killing young hockey players, brought it all home.

Brought it all together.

Our hearts were shattered.

And as a nation we mourned.

But we were not alone.

People all over the world felt our anguish and our sorrow.

And in today’s divided world that is rare.

We all could relate, in an anguished way, the sorrow, the grief and pain the parents, friends and relatives, faced.

Their suffering was our suffering.

The young deaths reminded us of lives unfulfilled.

Dreams unfulfilled.

And we reacted with kindness, depth of passion, something that rarely happens these days.

People from all over the world donated; a whopping total of $15,185,400 million to help the families, the survivors of the crash.

It was an outpouring of a collective grief that touched our very being, a searing pain, touching our hearts, our souls.

We wept along with the survivors, the families, and the people of Humboldt.

And now, slowly but surely, the healing begins.

It will take time and in time our hearts will heal. Our souls refreshed.

But our memories will never forget.

And so will the people of the Humboldt Tragedy – touching our hearts:

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