A Great Sports Personality – The Incomparable Greatness of Rafael Nadal – As A Player And A Person

The Incomparable Greatness of Rafael Nadal:Sports is a super competitive business.And there are lots and lots of good players in sports.

The Incomparable Greatness of Rafael Nadal:

Sports is a super competitive business.

And there are lots and lots of good players in sports.

But the really great ones are far and few between.

And not only are they great in their chosen profession.

But they are also great outside their profession.

Take Rafael Nadal.

He is a fabulous tennis player.

And he is a fabulous human being.

His charity efforts are low key and he goes about them quietly.

Known as “The King of Clay”, he is considered as the greatest clay-court player in history.

And his tennis career started early.

At age eight, he won an under-12 regional tennis championship at a time when he was also a promising football player.[

At age 12, he won the Spanish and European tennis titles in his age group and was playing tennis and football all the time.

Eventually at his dad’s urging he chose tennis over football.

And the older he got the more awards he won.

His career was on a trajectory.

But aside from tennis he also devoted time, efforts and money to those less fortunate.

He established a tennis academy for underprivileged children in India.

As well he established a foundation with a focus on social work and development for children and youth.

His rationale for doing it was simple –  “This can be the beginning of my future, when I retire and have more time…I am doing very well and I owe society.”

And in winning his recent 11th career title he showed off his improvisational brilliance.

And in doing so Rafael Nadal cemented his place as the most dominant athlete in any sing;e sporting event.

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