The Incredible Intelligence Of Crows – They Are Smarter Than You Think – And Wait Till You Find Out The Amazing Things They Can Do

Incredible Intelligence Of Crows: crows are amazing.They are smart.They are vicious.They are immortalized in literature.And often they are in the news.

The incredible Intelligence Of Crows: crows are amazing.

They are smart.

They are vicious.

They are immortalized in literature.

Featured in movies.

Have been written about an awful lot.

And often they are in the news.

And when you think about it – they often engage in behaviour similar to humans.

And get the same attention – at times.

Especially in the spring when they engage in a practice that scares people and terrifies some of them.

It’s called dive bombing.

“As humans, we love to think we have a monopoly on brain power.  But the more we learn about the culture and intellectual capacity displayed by our super freaking intelligent animal relatives like chimps, dolphins, and birds the less unique human intelligence starts to appear. Crows, in particular, are smart as heck: They make tools out of sticks, and even  spontaneously make tools without being taught.”

Spot on, but crows are so smart that scientists think they have the intelligence of children at a certain age.

And the answer may shock you.

“New research could deepen this picture even more, as researchers have found that crows may possess mental capabilities that we didn’t think were possible.”

And not only that – but they are scarier than we thought.

“In a scientific team of researchers showed evidence that New Caledonian crows, which have been observed making several types of tools out of sticks, may be able to build tools from memory — even if they have only seen the tool itself and haven’t ever seen the tool being constructed. This suggests that crows can form a “mental template” of tools based on other crows’ tools and their own past tools, which would explain why New Caledonian crows’ tools could have improved over time.”

Want to find out just how smart crows are?

You can.

But remember one thing they are capable of, among many other things, is to remember what you did.

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