Your Bathroom Of All Places Will Undergo Vast Changes – The Internet of Cosmetics And Beauty Are In The Future

The internet of cosmetics and beauty. Get ready.That standard bathroom that's been around for eons is going to undergo major changes.

The internet of cosmetics and beauty. Get ready.

That standard bathroom that’s been around for eons is going to undergo major changes.

And as the old saying goes – you ain’t seen nothing yet.

In fact your bathroom will be so different that you won’t recognize it.

But first a bit of history.

Today’s bathroom is relatively new. For centuries people went to public bath houses or used tin tubs in their kitchens to take a bath.

But today the bathroom is look amazing with great tiles and gleaming faucets.

They are clean sanctuaries of hygiene.

And we spend a lot of time in them.

And some bathrooms even inspire people.

One survey disclosed that three out of five people sing in the shower.

Okay, that is now.

But what’s next in store for us.

Consider this – and this is what’s coming your way. It is not the figment of someone’s imagination.

The internet of cosmetics and beauty: Could you imagine that your mirror will offer you the clothing choices you can make for a given day based on your wardrobe and the weather forecast? What if the same mirror could also show you some matching make-up recommendations? Moreover, what if you could 3D print your own face creams, body lotions or foundation personalized for you based on the analysis of your skin? Does it sound like we watched too much science fiction? We don’t think so. First of all, there is no such thing as too much sci-fi, and second of all, some of these are already on the market. Let’s dive into the details!

And for those details just click here.

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