The Man, The Golden Arm That Saved Millions Of Babies

The Man, The Golden Arm That Saved Millions Of Babies

The Man, The Golden Arm:

Shades of James Bond.

Known as the man With The Golden Gun.

A hero to many of us.

But move over Mr. Bond there is another hero.

He is the man With The Golden Arm.

And he exemplifies why the world needs more heroes.

In today’s self-absorbed¬†¬†narcissistic society a large portion of it only cares about itself.

And it becomes a never ending quest.

It’s always about me.

See how great I am.

See my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat posts.

Who cares about anyone else.

So when people come into the forefront, usually not their own doing, and get recognized for their selfless acts, their focus on helping others it is such a refreshing breath of fresh air.

And something we all appreciate.

It makes us feel better about the world we live in.

And we marvel what these heroes have done or continue to do.

And somehow these heroes always seem to have their own special kind of karma.

Take James Harrison.

He was 14 years old.

He needed surgery.

And that surgery required a blood transfusion.

A transfusion that saved his life.

And he never forgot that.

So as an adult he decided to pay it forward.

For 60 years he donated blood.

And that despite him hating needless.

And that blood saved millions of babies because it contained a special antibody needed to make a pioneering medication.

And anti-D as the new medication was known as, saved more than two million babies from a potential fatal disease.

Today Harrison no longer donates blood and there is a reason for that.

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