The New Twist In The Ontario Election – Who Will Reign Supreme – Ford Or Horwath?

New Twist In The Ontario Election:The coming Ontario election promises to be a nail biter.In four days till voters will decide

New Twist In The Ontario Election:

The coming Ontario election promises to be a nail biter.

In four days till voters will decide this coming Thursday, June 7,  whether to elect Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford or Andrea Horwath, leader of the NDP.

And it was the current Premier, Liberal Kathleen Wynne, when in  a surprise move she conceded that her party would not win the election, opened up the horse race.

Wynne’s decision means Liberal voters will have to decide whether to support a party that is dead in the water or support the NDP or the Progressive Conservatives.

And now the horse race is on with the NDP making more and more gains.

It promises to be a nail biter.

An aggregation of polls shows the NDP and the Conservatives as tied, something that would have been unheard of weeks ago when the Tories were the front-runners by a country mile.

But now the bets are off and given the momentum shown by the NDP one poll shows the NDP leading over the Tories by a commanding lead.

And that poll was taken before Wynne’s conceding the election.

And the election has caught the attention of the international media.

The New York Times in a feature article that tells you everything you want to know about Doug Ford  asks  – Will a Canadian Donald Trump Become Ontario’s Leader?

And Vice Media in an article is introducing Andrea Horwath.

And the stakes are high in this election.

It essentially is a battle between rural and urban folks.

In the rural areas support for the Tories is strong and in the urban areas for the NDP and the Liberals.

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