The Expendable Golden Knights Of Las Vegas – The NHL Miracle That Is Confounding Everyone

NHL miracle that is confounding everyone:In sports you never know.Never know who is going to win. Who is doing to lose.Take the Golden Knights of Las Vegas.

NHL miracle that is confounding everyone:

In sports you never know.

Never know who is going to win. Who is doing to lose.

Take the new NHL team – the Golden Knights of Las Vegas.

Composed of a bunch of expendable hockey players and an expendable coaching staff, these newcomers have shocked the hockey world.

Expansion teams usually suck. And here is a good example – the Columbus Blue Jackets. After 17 years they still haven’t managed to win a playoff series.

Or even worse –  the Vancouver Canucks. Year after they turn in a dismal performance. So the players are changed. The coaches are changed. And despite deep pockets this perennial team of losers never can get to first base.

But the Golden Knights have done what few new hockey teams have been able to do – advance to the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Can they win the Stanley Cup? Here is what Kevin Allen of USA Today said:

“Every player, coach and member of management came from somewhere else. Everyone performed this season as if they had a chip on their shoulder because their previous team deemed them expendable. Every game, the Golden Knights had someone on the roster who previously played for that night’s opponent and had a special reason to beat that team. That attitude fueled a unified effort to play every game with passion and purpose. The feeling that everyone had something to prove has now carried into the playoffs. It is working even better.”

So why are the Golden Knights so successful?

Credit it to a team mentality on and off the ice.

And in sports like in life every time you win at something you build on your success.

And those victories have resulted in the Golden Knights being the best expansion team in this history of professional sports.

Coverage of Golden Knight’s success has been phenomenal.  The Guardian newspaper in London called it – Welcome to impossible: The Golden Knights and the NHL, the miracle that makes no sense.

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