The Old Rule Of Sleeping Eight Hours No Longer Holds True – So What Do You Need? We Have The Surprising Answer

Sleeping Eight Hours No Longer Holds True:A good night's rest - there is nothing like it.It refreshes you.Makes you feel awesome.

Sleeping Eight Hours No Longer Holds True:

A good night’s rest – there is nothing like it.

It refreshes you.

Makes you feel awesome.

But in today’s hectic environment sleep is one of the things that people don’t get enough of.

 In the last 50 years, we are sleeping one hour less a day, compared with the 1950s.

And these factors pinpoint that sleep has become more important than ever – television, ever-increasing work demands, technology and stress.

And for years you have been told that the perfect amount of sleep you need every night is eight hours.

That was the conventional wisdom.

And did you know – we spend one-third of our lives live sleeping?

And the slightest thing can prevent us from sleeping well.

Consider what one article said about sleep.

“As anyone who has lay awake at night contemplating the complexities of the universe can attest, sleep is a slippery beast. It involves a complex web of biological and neurological processes, all of which can be thrown off by something as simple as a partner’s nasal trumpeting or a coffee too late in the day.”

One of the world’s foremost scientist Daniel Gartenberg says we need to sleep well for three reasons.

 “Every organism on the planet sleeps in some fashion, to some degree—even the basic fruit fly. What makes sleep so essential for our wellbeing comes down to three main things: to save our energy, to help our cells recover, and to help us process and understand our environment.”

So if you need more than eight hours of sleep – what is the new amount?

The answer will surprise you.

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